Your Calling From God

  • God has called you to accomplish something significant for His kingdom right where He’s placed you
  • God has strategically placed you in your workplace
  • God has placed people around you to help you
  • God wants you to impact everyone around you for His kingdom – but in a way that will never get you in trouble
  • God wants His people to be incredibly successful – especially you!

The Business Goals program will show you how cultivate and flourish God’s calling for you right where He’s placed you. No matter what your position, God want to use you in that position to have an impact for His Kingdom.

Most people think they can’t bring their faith into the workplace. This is a worldly concept. God wants just the opposite. We’ve often said, “the final frontier for evangelism is the workplace.” But you have to go about it in a careful way so you don’t get in trouble. We will show you how to do that…and when you do, hang on because God will put a steady stream of people in front of you to ask you why you are the way you are. And when someone asks you about your faith, you are free to respond.

How this Works…

  • We show you how to set GOALS in line with what God wants you to accomplish in the workplace.
  • We show you how God wants you to impact your fellow co-workers, customers, vendors and even your family.
  • We show you what GOALS God wants you to accomplish every day.
  • We show you a daily strategy for how to accomplish your GOALS.
  • You will find yourself accomplishing more than you ever have in the past…with less stress and anxiety (because God is helping you).