Keep The Momentum Going-The 12-Month Program

Many people complete the 6-week class and don’t want to stop. For those who wish to really take their company to the next level, we have the Business Goals Intensive. It’s a 12-month Intensive program that takes the concepts learned in the 6-week class to a whole new level. Whatever goals you have for your company will likely be only a fraction of what you will accomplish through the Intensive. The Intensive places you in a “Triad” with two other business leaders in similar stages of their career. The three of you will then work through a 12-month curriculum to help you reached the most you are capable of in your career. Graduates achieve far more than they ever dreamed or imagined as a result of the Intensive.

Course Modules

Each month you will work through a series of Modules. There is one main module and two supporting modules. Each module is designed to help you get closer to achieving goals that surpassed whatever expectations you had for your company or position.

Monthly Triad Meeting

Each month you will meet as a group with your Triad and your Facilitator to discuss that month’s modules and how they apply to your company or position. You’ll find that your Triad will help you reach your goals as well as walk with you through any obstacles you encounter. Between your Facilitator and the two other Triad members, you’ll get the encouragement and support you need to reach levels you’ve never imagined.

Monthly Facilitator Meetings

You will meet with your Facilitator either once for a longer meeting or in two shorter meetings each month. Your Facilitator will help you stay focused on the tasks at hand, provide great mentoring and coaching, be your sounding board, confidant and coach necessary to keep you focused and on track to reach beyond your dreams

Monthly Meet-Ups

One week out of the month we ask that you meet just with your Triad. This can be in person or via Zoom. Your Triad will likely become part of the support group, encouragement, accountability and competition you need to achieve beyond your dreams