Deploying The Business Goals Program
Gets Even Easier With The App

The App

Reaching your goals couldn’t be easier with the Business Goals App

  • Prioritize your daily activity that’s in alignment with your goals
  • Keep track of what everyone on your team is working on, by priority and weight and know the moment they complete mission critical milestones.
  • Keep track of your team so communication and needs between teammates remains open and up to date.
  • Keep track of your goals, your department goals and your company goals and how they all tie together.

The Business Goals Videobook

For those of you that can’t fit a 1-hour a week class for six weeks in, we’ve created the Videobook. The Videobook contains a slightly condensed version of all six classes in one videobook.

The videobook looks a little like we’ve inserted an iPad into a binder. The Business Goals videobook is rechargeable, has headphone jacks and can be watched over and over.

The videobook option does not come with the weekly coaching but contains 100% of the content taught in the 6-week class. The videobook is just $250.

The Business Goals Book

GOALS Getting what you want most in business and home comes down to relationships. Goals is for anyone in the workplace who wants true success at work and at home.

For over 20 years, the Business Goals program has been deployed by thousands of people in companies all over the world. GOALS encapsulates the Business Goals program and provides real life examples of what happens when you use this simple, yet effective, program in your professional life and personal life.

The GOALS book walks you through the process of how to achieve every dream you have at work and a home. You’ll see why GOALS has become a #1 New Release on Amazon and learn how people are happier, accomplishing more and enjoying the process both at work and at home