The Business Goals program began in 1997. The program was turned into a ministry in 2011 with all proceeds going to the churches launching the ministry. The organization became a separate nonprofit in 2020.

Since 1997, thousands of employees in hundreds of companies have gone through the Business Goals program.


BusinessGoals.org’s primary mission is to show businesses how to incorporate biblical principles in the workplace. Businessgoals.org accomplishes its mission with educational materials, classroom training and coaching through its ministry called Business Goals.

The Business Goals ministry is offered online and through Christian Churches across the USA and abroad.

The Team

  • Jud Boies – Executive Director/Pastor
  • Eric Bergen – Facilitator Training/Pastor
  • Ryan Des Jardin – Online Facilitator/Pastor
  • Caroline Sekercan – Online Services/IT
  • Jordan Osterberg – Programming
  • Jordan McQueen – Video Production
  • Kelly Boies – Program Editing
  • Dave Eaton – Product Design
  • Ingrid Brenson – Accounting

Board of Directors

  • Jud Boies – Executive Director – Business Goals Founder
  • Kurt Koch – Secretary, Former CEO PrimeWare (retired)(2005 Business Goals Graduate)
  • Kevin Robertson – CEO Electrical Design (1999 Business Goals Graduate)
  • Troy Kruthoff – CEO AssureHire (2007 Business Goals Graduate)
  • Jeremy Cappalo – Reliable Cadillac Dealership (2019 Business Goals Graduate)
  • Tony DeLoney – VP Marcus and Millichap (2019 Business Goals Graduate)
  • Jennifer Bressler – VP Intel (2021 Business Goals Graduate)