• Think of the number of hours you spend with co-workers.
  • God wants you to have Christ-like relationships with everyone around you.
  • You’ll find there’s something interesting about everyone God has placed around you.

The world is telling us we can’t talk about anything without it offending someone. The world is telling us to watch out for ourselves. The world is causing division on every level. The world doesn’t promote relationships.

God wants just the opposite. If we are to love our neighbor as ourself, it requires us to be in a relationship with them. God wants GREAT relationships in the workplace. Relationships that model what it’s going to look like in heaven.

We want to show you how to cultivate and grow these relationships into lifelong and hopefully eternal relationships.

How It Works…

  • We show you how to build relationships in a way that does not violate any HR policies
  • We show you how to pursue, please and meet the needs of others – one of the Biblical definitions of love
  • Celebrate wins so momentum increases.
  • Allow people to help weigh in on what they will achieve.
  • Live with more encouragement than discipline.